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Trabeca was founded by friends Travis Stacey & Derek McCann who shared a passion for design, real-estate, business and life. The two had a vision of creating a boutique real estate development company that differed from others. They wanted to only build unique projects with superior design, to create homes that excited them and developments that stood out in the community.


The two also shared a passion for golf. While traveling together to destination courses, they realized that legendary golf developer Mike Keiser’s formula for dream golf was no different than the Trabeca vision for dream homes. Great location + great course design = great golf. A top design with an average landscape was nothing special, just like a great landscape with an average design. At Trabeca we have taken this winning formula and applied it to every single one of our projects.  We thoroughly research potential site locations and strategically select each one. We believe that project location along with superior design are the two most integral components to a project's success. Great location + great design = great house. 


Much like our logo, we are not afraid to take risks, to dive in. We understand that in order to achieve superior results, you may have to vary from the norm. Fueled by a passion for design, we are constantly attending industry leading trade shows, researching world wide trends and drawing inspiration from projects we visit throughout our travels. You can never stop learning. If you choose to do a project with us, we can guarantee quality, passion, professionalism and desired results. We will listen to your vision while offering our own innovative expertise. We strive to deliver an enjoyable experience from start to finish, to turn your dreams into a reality. Dream on!

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